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AMBER – combined from pocket-type spring block, classic bonnell springs and reciprocating polyurethane foam.

  • Hardness: medium
  • Base: block of pocket and classic springs
  • Top layers: double-sided – polyurethane foam
  • Cover: Cleaned dry by chemical means.
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The basis of the bed – the pocket spring system is characterized by durability, the best adaptation to body weight and durability. Each spring adapts to the shape of your body parts and distributes your body weight evenly. In more than one sleep, the movements are not transmitted to another person, as each spring is wrapped in a separate textile bag.

The spring block is made of strong Bonnell springs (wire diameter 2.2 mm).

The base of the soft part consists of polyurethane (foam) foam and a reinforced felt cover.

Reliable and durable, strong construction bed. The spring blocks are additionally reinforced with a metal frame – which provides stability during transport of the bed. The springs are made of strong 1.8 mm diameter wire.

Bed linen main fabric – not washable. Clean dry chemically.

Color choices are available in several.


The mattress is made of latex foam. Taffeta. Latex is extremely durable, elastic and ergonomic.

Gentle and pleasant to the touch fabric; Excellent air ventilation, the mattress cover is tufted, with a white stripe.

Clean dry with chemical methods.

Double-sided mattress – used on both sides; The mattress should be turned every 2-3 months.

Legs: h 20cm aluminum, cup-shaped, silver.

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80×200 cm, 90×200 cm, 120×200 cm