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Product Replacement

  1. Products of unsuitable quality are replaced with products of appropriate quality and the products are returned in Articles 6.363 and 6.364 of the Civil Code, by Government Resolution No. 1 of 22 July 2014 of the Republic of Lithuania. 738 in the cases and under the conditions set out in the approved “Retail Rules”.
  2. The seller is responsible for defects in the item that become apparent within two years of delivery of the item.
  3. The buyer has no right to terminate the contract if the defect in the item is insignificant.
  4. If the Buyer has purchased products of incorrect quality, the Buyer may return the goods during the warranty period and may, at his option, demand:
    1. that the Seller eliminates the defects of the products free of charge within a reasonable time, if the defects can be eliminated;
    2. to reduce the purchase price accordingly;
    3. to replace the product with a similar product of suitable quality “

    4. return the price paid and withdraw from the contract of sale.
  5. The Buyer may choose only one of the remedies provided for in Clause 4 of the Rules. The Buyer must make his choice when returning the goods. If the Buyer has not been able to implement the method provided for in Clause 4, the Seller shall offer an alternative method provided for in Clause 4.
  6. If the Buyer terminates the contract due to the improper quality of the item, the Seller must return the price paid. The cost of returning an item of incorrect quality shall be borne by the Seller.
  7. The products are exchanged or returned at the user’s written request, the form of which is available on our e-shop website. The duly completed Application must be sent to the Seller by e-mail shop@trivilita.lt. The submitted request shall indicate the reason (lack of quality of the products) due to which the purchased products do not satisfy the Buyer and one of the requirements specified in Clause 5 of the Rules. The application is accompanied by a document confirming the purchase-sale of the products from the Seller (value added tax invoice, invoice, payment card invoice statement, payment card reader’s check, purchase message issued after payment for the products) showing the product quality discrepancy.